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STOCK-TRADING Category Description

The STOCK-TRADING category of SonicWALL Application Control encompasses application software that enables users to view, and/or place bids and recieve quotes for current trading prices of shares in companies listed in stock markets, futures contracts, and corporate and municipal bonds.

  Jianghai Zhengquan -- Client Activity
  Tonghuashun -- HTTP Activity
  Hexungudao -- HTTP Activity
  Dazhihui -- TCP Activity 1
  Dazhihui -- TCP Activity 2
  Tongdaxin -- Client Activity 1
  Qianlong BBS -- Browsing Activity
  Qianlong -- Client Activity
  Tonghuashun -- TCP Activity
  Tongdaxin -- HTTP Activity 1
  Tongdaxin -- Client Activity 2
  Dongfangcaifutong -- Client Activity 1
  Dongfangcaifutong -- Client Activity 2
  Tongdaxin -- Client Activity 3
  HonghuiNSD -- Login Activity
  MubasherTrade -- HTTPS Activity

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