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DATABASE-APPS Category Description

This SonicWALL IPS signature category consists of a group of signatures that can detect and prevent legitimate traffic generated by some database applications.

  Oracle -- TCP Connection 2
  IBM DB2 -- Outbound Connection
  Oracle -- TCP Connection 1
  FileMaker Server -- TCP Client Connection
  Microsoft SQL Server -- Database Connection 1
  IBM Informix -- Database Connection
  Sybase Anywhere -- Database Connection
  Microsoft SQL Server -- Browser Traffic
  Microsoft SQL Server -- Database Connection 2
  MySQL Server -- Protocol Version 10
  PostgreSQL Server -- SSL Protocol
  PostgreSQL Server -- Non-SSL Protocol
  DRDA -- Database Connection
  GDS DB -- Database Connection
  Microsoft SQL Server -- Plaintext Login SA (System Administrator)
  Microsoft SQL Server -- Plaintext Login Any User
  Business Insider -- SSL Activity 1
  BusinessWire -- SSL Activity

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