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  Microsoft Remote Desktop -- Terminal Services Inbound Connection

Category: REMOTE-ACCESS      

Microsoft Terminal Services provides functionality to extend the model of distributed computing by allowing PCs to operate in a server-based computing environment. Basically, a user with a terminal service client can run applications on a remote server session from their desktop, as though the session were run on their own pc.

According to the Microsoft web site, "With Terminal Services running on a Windows server, all client application execution, data processing, and data storage occur on the server. Applications and user desktops are transmitted over the network and displayed via terminal emulation software. Similarly, print streams, keyboard input, and mouse clicks are also transmitted over the network between the server and the terminal emulation software. Each user logs on and sees only their individual session, which is managed transparently by the server operating system and is independent of any other client session."

This SonicWALL signature can detect normal terminal services traffic, and may be enabled for detection.

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