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Zegost.AD_38 is a Trojan. A Trojan is a program that pretends to have a valid use, but in fact modifies the user's computer in malicious ways. Trojans do not replicate or spread to other computers.

      Process Related Changes
      It creates the following mutex(es):

      It creates the following process(es):
      • C:\WINDOWS\svchest138955212041280.exe [ c:\Windows\svchest138955212041280.exe ]
      • C:\WINDOWS\Temp\6204d8334e0db2a6219a3dd13ac2020b.exe [ \c:\windows\temp\6204d8334e0db2a6219a3dd13ac2020b.exe ]

      Network Activity
      We observed the following DNS query/queries:

      It attempts to connect to the following remote servers:
      • 221.130xxxxxx:1379

      Relevant Information