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MalAgent.J_66210 is a Trojan. A Trojan is a program that pretends to have a valid use, but in fact modifies the user's computer in malicious ways. Trojans do not replicate or spread to other computers.

Mutexes created
  • Nothing to report

Directory level activity
    • Nothing to report

    File level activity
      • Nothing to report

      Registry level activity
        • Nothing to report

        Library level activity
        • load - library - C:\DOCUME~1\TestMachine\LOCALS~1\Temp\d1aae806243cc0bedb83a22919a3a660.bin.dll
        • load - library - C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll
        • load - library - uxtheme.dll

        Process API calls used
        • NtCreateSection
        • ZwMapViewOfSection
        • NtFreeVirtualMemory
        • ZwMapViewOfSection

        Registry API calls used
          • Nothing to report

          System API calls used
          • LdrLoadDll
          • IsDebuggerPresent
          • LdrLoadDll

          Filesystem API calls used
          • NtOpenFile
          • NtOpenFile


          UDP source >> destination

            TCP source >> destination

              • NA

              DNS Request:
              • NA

              HTTP Request:
              • NA

              DLL related data
              Number of DLL's imported = 3
              • WS2_32.dll
              • MSVCR71.dll
              • KERNEL32.dll

              Relevant Information