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Application: Dropbox

Dropbox is storage service that allows users to store and synchronize files between computers, over the Internet. Dropbox is available in many formats: Web access via browser; Mobile App on Android and Apple iOS; and Stand-alone application clients installed onto Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. For Web access (only) it is possible to allow access to Dropbox for download while preventing uploads. To do this, the browser (or Operating System) needs to be configured with SonicWALL root certificate, and SonicWALL DPI-SSL CI needs to be enabled. All other access methods (Mobile or Stand-alone) will not submit to SonicWALL DPI-SSL Client Inspection due to SSL Certificate Pining, and therefore granular application control cannot be to these other access methods.

  Dropbox -- HTTPS Activity 1
  Dropbox -- HTTPS Activity 2
  Dropbox -- HTTP User-Agent
  Dropbox -- DNS Query
  Dropbox -- HTTPS Activity 3
  Dropbox -- HTTPS Activity 4
  Dropbox -- HTTP Activity (Upload) [Reqs DPI-SSL CI]

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