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Application: Betternet VPN

BetternetVPN is an virtual private network (VPN) service. There is a limited time, free trial and a premium (pay) tier that allows users to exit through international geo IP locations. It allows users to evade firewall controls by tunneling traffic through one of several standard (e.g. IPSec ISAKMP) or proprietary protocols (e.g. Encrypted Key Exchange over UDP). Blocking this application requires enabling (1) DPI-SSL Client Inspection, (2) Encrypted Key Exchange applications signatures (SIDs 5 & 7), and (3) VPN In Touch application signatures, (4) Hotspot Shield application signatures, and (4) BetternetVPN application signatures.

  Betternet VPN -- HTTPS Activity
  Betternet VPN -- HTTP Activity
  Betternet VPN -- DNS Query 1
  Betternet VPN -- UDP Activity (ISAKMP)
  Betternet VPN -- DNS Query 2

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