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Application: bet365

Google Chrome Data Compression Proxy -- Faster, safer, and cheaper mobile web browsing with data compression. The latest Chrome browsers for Android and iOS can significantly reduce cellular data usage by using proxy servers hosted at Google to optimize website content – this feature has been shown to reduce the size of web pages by 50%. To enable it, visit "Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage" and toggle the option – easy as that. The core optimizations that allow us to reduce overall data usage are performed by Google servers. When the Data Compression Proxy feature is enabled, Chrome Mobile opens a connection between your phone and one of the optimization servers running in Google's datacenters and relays all non-encrypted HTTP requests over this connection. The proxy server receives the request initiated on the mobile device, initiates a request for the required resource on your behalf, and then optimizes each response before delivering it back to the client. The content optimization is performed by our open-source PageSpeed libraries, which are specifically tuned for the Chrome Mobile browser. The rendering of the page, and all JavaScript execution, is performed by the client’s browser. Secure connections (HTTPS) are routed directly from your mobile device to the destination, bypassing the compression proxy. The use of the compression proxy does not require a Google account.

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