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Application: WeChat

WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, first released in January 2011. In addition to text messaging, WeChat has the capability to send pictures, videos, and vcards; to make voice and video calls; and other functionality. To allow WeChat to send text messages, but block it from using these other high-bandwidth functions, do the following: enable all WeChat signatures except Client Activity 1, and DNS Query; and use Access Rules to block (LAN to WAN) UDP Ports 80, 8080, 16285, 32780, 34003, 40049, 40768, 42410.

  WeChat -- HTTPS Activity 2
  WeChat -- HTTP Activity
  WeChat -- DNS Query
  WeChat -- UDP Activity 1
  WeChat -- HTTPS Activity 3
  WeChat -- TCP Activity 1
  WeChat -- TCP Activity 2
  WeChat -- App Feature (Voice/Video Call)
  WeChat -- App Feature (File Transfer) 1
  WeChat -- App Feature (File Transfer) 2
  WeChat -- HTTPS Activity 1
  WeChat -- TCP Activity 3

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