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Application: SnapChat

SnapChat is a photo sharing app for Apple iOS and Android devices. The app permits the time-sensitive sharing of photos--photos self-destruct after a user-configurable amount of time--usually the photo disappears after 1-10 seconds. SnapChat is hosted at Google-owned, and connects to the servers overSSL/HTTPS. Blocking Snapchat can be accomplished in two ways. Customers with DPI-SSL CI enabled can simply enable this application and all of its signatures. Without DPI-SSL CI, customers must enable the application signatures. In this second case, there will be false positives, namely, you will be blocking all applications hosted at

  SnapChat -- DNS Query 1
  SnapChat -- HTTPS Activity 1
  SnapChat -- HTTP User-Agent
  SnapChat -- HTTPS Activity 2
  SnapChat -- QUIC Activity 1
  SnapChat -- DNS Query 2
  SnapChat -- QUIC Activity 2

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