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Application: AIM

Available in one form or another since 1997, AOL Instant Messenger (or AIM) is an instant messaging application that allows registered users to communicate in real time via text, voice, and video transmission over the Internet. Users can talk online with other people connected with the service, transfer files up to 10mb, message a cell phone, etc. It is maintained by AOL, LLC, and uses the proprietary OSCAR and TOC protocols. AIM has been subject to vulnerabilities in the past where it was maliciously exploited using third-party software to send viruses to users' computers and used to harvest IP addresses.

  AIM -- Login (TCP) 1
  AIM -- App Feature (Messaging)
  AIM -- Login (HTTP) 1
  AIM -- App Feature (File Transfer) 1
  AIM -- App Feature (Audio) 1
  AIM -- App Feature (Audio) 2
  AIM -- App Feature (Video) 1
  AIM -- App Feature (Video) 2
  AIM -- SSL/TLS Activity 1
  AIM -- Login (HTTP) 2
  AIM -- Login (TCP) 2
  AIM -- App Feature (File Transfer) 2
  AIM -- Login (HTTP) 3
  AIM -- SSL/TLS Activity 3
  AIM -- SSL/TLS Activity 4
  AIM -- SSL/TLS Activity 2

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