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Application: Atlas VPN

ijji (, is a free multiplayer game portal website operated by the Irvine-based internet company NHN USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of South Korean NHN Corporation.NHN also has game portals in Korea (Hangame), Japan, and China. Games hosted at ijji range from traditional shooters and MMORPGs to more accessible casual games, all of which are free to download and play, and with the majority featuring competitive multiplayer gameplay.The ijji website opened on July 7, 2006. The American based game portal have published some well known worldwide titles that include A.V.A, GunZ, and Soldier Front (just to name a few).ijji has decided to focus more on the 'hardcore' gaming segment, as they have already released Alliance of Valiant Arms and Soul of the Ultimate Nation in 2009. Ijji has recently released Genesis A.D into open beta. Ijji surpassed its ninth million member on October 7, 2009.

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