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Application: iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio ( is a streaming audio portal for internet radio stations. They have a mobile app as well. The streaming media is coming from individual internet radio stations, so enabling this application will only prevent access to streaming sites that came from referred requests from iHeartRadio. To all prevent streaming audio you must enable prevention for Flash Video (FLV) and Icecast (ICY) applications.

  iHeartRadio -- HTTP Activity 2
  iHeartRadio -- Audio Transmission 1
  iHeartRadio -- HTTP Activity 1
  iHeartRadio -- HTTPS Activity 1
  iHeartRadio -- HTTPS Activity 2
  iHeartRadio -- Audio Transmission 2
  iHeartRadio -- Audio Transmission 3
  iHeartRadio -- HTTP Activity 4
  iHeartRadio -- HTTP Activity 3
  iHeartRadio -- DNS Query 1
  iHeartRadio -- DNS Query 2

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